Salamander Archetype 5.0 Five-Shelf Audio Rack – Black Review

Salamander Archetype 5.0 Five-Shelf Audio Rack - Black

  • Five-shelf audio rack
  • Strong, 3/4″-thick height-adjustable wood shelves
  • 5/8″-diameter threaded steel rods, washers, and bolts
  • Useable width between the steel rods is 19.25″
  • Modular design lets you add or subtract shelves

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The Achetype 5.0 five-shelf audio rack not only looks great, but it is also packed with performance-enchancing features. Highly original Archetype audio racks offer unique features never before available at this price. Each shelf is infinitely adjustable, so you can change the spacing between shelves for gear of varying heights, or allow extra breathing room for hot running gear. Shelves are held firmly in place-above and below-by a combination of energy-damping neoprene washers, steel washers, and steel nuts. This damping feature prevents vibrations from traveling from component to component within the rack. Archetype racks are a modular design, which means you can add or remove shelves as you change equipment-or you can even bolt an additional two-shelf rack on top, creating a 54″-tall seven-shelf rack! No other rack system offers more options!

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